About Us

This site is dedicated to prepare you for the End Times. My job is to warn the world and prepare the church for the coming of the Lord.

We’re about to face the most difficult days in the history of mankind and if we’re not prepared we could be swept away with all the propaganda and all the politics of the world. Unless we’re prepared, unless we’re awakened from our sleep, unless we’re ready to encounter God, then we’re not going to be able to fully engage in the ministry and warfare that God has for us.

The church in America, in its current state, is not ready or prepared for the End Times. We have been paralyzed with fear of what man may do to us.

If we are not prepared, we’re going to falter, or even worse, reject our faith and succumb to the world system and the worship of the Antichrist. Whether you’re ready or not, we’re at war right now. The forces of light and darkness are lined up in battle array. You’re either on one side or the other; there is no neutral ground.