Are You Prepared and Ready for Christ’s Return?

God has specifically given me my marching orders: “warn the world and prepare the church for My coming.” I am here to help prepare us for what is about to take place and in fact is taking place right now. The church in America, in its current state, is not ready or prepared for the end times or the return of Christ. We have been paralyzed with fear of what man may do to us. If we are not prepared, then many like our Soldiers, we are going to falter or even worse, reject the faith, and succumb to the world system and the worship of the  Antichrist. Whether you know it or not, we are at war right now, the forces of light and darkness are lined up in battle array. You are on one side or the other; there is no neutral ground. Physical war has been going on for the last 5000 years of human history with only a few hundred years of actual peace.